Environment Policy

        Jibuhin (Thailand) Co.,ltd , be producer component motor vehicle company , such as , RING GEAR ,
FLY WHEEL ASSY , BEARING CAP , PROPELLER SHAFT AND FULCRUM PIN , be in Amatanakorn Industrial estate, Amphur Muang , ChonBuri Province, with the conscious that realize the importance of the environment , then get set a policy , as follows ,

        1. a company , be engrossed in to minister give legal and the regulation of the environment ,
by the bringing fixes to happen the base in operating side of a company

        2. a company , be engrossed in to manage adjust , the environment and decrease the effect build
important environment , at happen from the administration of a company , which , include , following
checks , and control , the thing this time ,

                        a. waste water abandonment goes out outside a company,

                        b. air pollution abandonment,

                        c. waste matter administration, though, be waste general matter, and waste dangerous matter,

         3. a company , be engrossed in to decrease using energy rate and the resource in the procedure produce,by use efficiently and support have using natural resources conservation

         4. a company , be engrossed in to develop the knowledge , and build the conscious , of the
environment gives with an officer , and everybody accessory , for build the understanding in side environment administration that veers to suit , and correspond thing this policy , and glad to announce this policy to general public , when , there is the request

         Company, there is the will to push forward, support give the activity get manage achieve follow policy frame always above

                                                                                                                        Mr.Toshiaki Takakuwa
                                                                                                                        Managing Director

env policy